Naftali Kinuthia reveals why he hacked Ivy Wangeci to death

Naftali Kinuthia admitted killing Ivy Wangeci in 2019

Emotions ran high during a court session after Naftali Kinuthia, the main suspect of the murder of Moi university medical student Ivy Wangeci, narrated the events that led to the tragic act.

While speaking before the court on 3rd march, Kinuthia confessed killing Ivy Wangeci on April 9, 2019. He disclosed to that he hacked Wangeci to death using an axe after he rejected him.

The shock of rejection

Earlier on, Ivy asked Kinuthia for Ksh.28000 to hold a birthday party. Kinuthia sent her half of the money and promised to deliver the balance during the celebration date.Ivy however blocked him after she got the ksh.14000.

On the fateful day, Kinuthia drove all the way from Nairobi to Eldoret to meet his girlfriend. He was forced to locate her physically because none of her phone numbers was going through.

A big shock hit Kinuthia when he met Wangeci. The beautiful medical student ordered Kinuthia to leave and added that he was not invited to the birthday party.

She told me that I was not invited to the party and that I should immediately leave. I was so shocked by what she was saying. At that point I didn’t even answer I knew she had burned all the bridges and there was no way I would restore our relationship,“Kinuthia narrated.

Broken into pieces, Kinuthia left for his car ready to leave. But he got into the car, he saw a man holding and hugging Wangeci, 50 meters away. He said he recalls getting an axe from his car to attack Ivy but noted that he was not himself during the events that followed leading to Ivy’s death.

While speaking during the court session, Kinuthia said the axe had been in his car for over a year and he had bought it for his own security.

The events impaired my thinking in a great way. At that point, I lost control and was too angry because of what was happening before me. I wasn’t myself again and can’t tell how I decided to pick the axe and attack her.

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After the attack, members of the public hailed on him with stones and beating causing him to sustain many injuries and lost consciousness. He was luckily rescued by a police officer and taken to the Moi Referral Hospital for treatment. When he woke up a nurse informed him that Ivy had died.

Naftali Kinuthia regret killing Ivy Wangeci

While speaking to the court, Kinuthia regretted how he handled the situation, added that there were better way to solve their differences.

He said that he got to know the pain of losing a loved one after his father died of unknown disease while he was still in cell

While still in cell, my father developed a sickness and died. I know the pain of losing a loved one.I I wasn’t myself. I feel bad for the victim’s family. If there was anything could be done now, I could do it.”

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