“Mwanaume akinikatia namtukana,” Justina Syokau crys for Job

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has decried over women who deny her a job for fear that she will steal their men.J
In a short video she published on her TikTok account, the nyashlicious singer said her life has stagnated because of not having something to do through her music.

The ‘2020‘ crooner that people deny her jobs in their events after she lied about undergoing surgery to increase the size of her nyash. Syokau however maintained that she had never and she will never snatch someone’s husband, adding that she was seriously heartbroken in her previous relationship.

Kwa wale hamtaki kunipea job ya kuentertain kwa events zenu, wengine nasikia wanasema eti ooh Justina atakuja na nyash yake kubwa kwa event yangu anichukulie bwana, mimi huwa sina shughuli na bwana wa mtu, sijawahi date mwanaume Ako married,” Justina said.

Hata sijawahi fikiria kudate mume wa mtu. Infact Sina haja na mapenzi. Mabeshte zangu wanaonijua watakwambia sina shughuli na marriage tena, niliumizwa kwa ndoa yangu sana. Niliumizwa sana na siwezi enda tena kwa ndoa nyingine. Mwenyewe hata mtu akinikatia namtukana na wengine hata nawablock… kwa sababu mapenzi yalinitenda,” she added.

The singer appeared to change her stand on love live, few months after confessing her love for controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko.

Earlier this year, Justina caused a stir on social media after opening up about acquiring fake nyash. She disclosed she did so so that she could attracte men to marry her. This is after Ringtone refused her request to marry her.

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In the video that lasted around 10 minutes, Justina appeared no longer interested in many things including her music she termed as comedy and big nyash.

The Singer maintained that she badly looking for a job, so that she reinstate her life back to normalcy. She added that she has a sick child who is in need of medical care.

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