“Msinilink na hio case,”Pastor Ng’ang’a over daughter appealing for financial help to foot hospital bill

Controversial Televangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans, over his remarks on daughter who is seek financial help to foot his son’s hospital bill.

Naomi Wangari Maina, the firstborn daughter of NENO Evangelism Pastor James Ng’ang’a, pleaded with Kenyans to aid in raising hospital bill for her 6 year old son Jonathan Wise, who is battling a severe case of B-ALL Leukemia.

As the plea found it way and gained traction on social media, a large section of Kenyans pleaded with Pastor Ng’ang’a who is believed to be very rich to support his daughter. According to some Kenyans, it was time for the Televangelist to begin charity at home.

“Commander come here…..just the way you support others do it to your grand son,Start from Jerusalem man of God,” Esther Kuria said.

“Wah,ata pastor pekee yuatosha kugharamikia huyu mtoto,qr innocent 😇 baby,” Doreen Wambua noted.

As the pressure continued to pile on pastor Ng’ang’a, Nairobi News gave him a call. In the conversation, Ng’ang’a dismissed the case as beyond his involvement, arguing that he has his reservations.

At this moment, I prefer not to be linked to that particular case. I have my reservations regarding it,” he said.

Going by the medical reports, Jonathan Wise’s medical journey began shortly after his birth on January 20, 2018, when he was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. The condition had progressed significantly in one eye, leading to an urgent inoculation procedure at just six weeks old.

Ever since, Jonathan has been going through medical procedure to manage the condition.

The year 2023 brought new challenges as Jonathan battled fever, low blood, and platelet counts, leading to multiple admissions and tests, including bone marrow biopsies.

The latest setback occurred on Monday, November 20, when Jonathan was diagnosed with B-ALL Leukemia during a routine paediatrician review.

As Naomi sits helplessly by her son’s bedside in the hospital ward, she expresses the urgency of Jonathan’s situation. She is now appealing for financial help through JONATHAN’S MEDICAL APPEAL Paybill 247247, Account Number 290038.

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