Krg the Don to pay alleged daughter Yvonne college fees

KRG The Don announced that he has decided to pay alleged daughter Yvonne college fees.

Over the past few days, Kenyan rapper KRG the Don better known as Bughaa has been making headlines over children negligence. In one of the incidence, lady claimed KRG is the father of her 19-year old daughter.

The mother claimed to have conceived Yvonne in 2002 after a steamy session with the singer. She maintained that KRG is the father of the 20-year old girl.

KRG and Yvonne met last month for a chat. He however denied being her father. According to him, he was still in primary school when the girl was conceived.

In 2002 I was 11 years old. There is no way I am your father. You were born in 2003 so it doesn’t add up. I was in class six in that particular year. My classmates can attest to that and I was not in Nairobi at that time.” He said.

After weeks drama, KRG seems to have bowed to pressure. Recently, the rapper made decision to cater for Yvonne’s colleges fees. While speaking to Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, KRG noted that he decided to take care of Yvonne’s education not as his father, but as a young girl with big dreams.

The Mambo Imechemka hit-maker called Yvonne on live video and asked her to send the fee structure. He promised to pay for the girl’s school fees as soon as Yvonne is ready. KRG made it clear that his decision and actions are fueled by his love for Yvonne and people should not conclude that he is the biological father.

While speaking in a previous interview, the rapper said that he is not ready to do a DNA test since he know well that he is the father of Yvonne. He maintained that the money can rather be used in settling her college fees.

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KRG the DON a Deadbeat Dad

A week ago, another lady identified as Skylar Wanjiku accused the Mambo Yamechemka hitmaker of neglecting their baby.

While speaking to Youtuber Kioko, Skylar claimed that she met KRG at one of the Friend’s birthday party at Casa Vera. She narrated that on the day, the singer sent his bouncer to her.

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According to her, she got along well with KRG. She claimed that after the party, KRG booked a Airbnb in Nairobi. The two had fun and steamy session and days later, she learned that she was pregnant.

Skylar further intimated that KRG used to send money for clinical visits and scan. He also visited her at the hospital during the delivery day and cleared the bill. She alluded that KRG promised to take visit her parents and take care of the kid, a promise he has not honoured

On why she decided to expose KRG, Skylar said it hurts her to see the rapper taking care of other his other kids yet neglecting hers.

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