Koikai’s Family Reveals Why She’ll Be Buried Coffin-less in a Public Cemetery

The family of late Njambi koikai alias Jahmby has opened up on the burial process of the reggae show host.

Speaking during an interview with the content creators, Jahmby’s mother said that she was so heartbroken when she learnt of the untimely death of her beloved daughter and that she has been trying to be strong despite being hit so hard.

Jahmby’s mother pampered her late daughter with love and paid an emotional tribute to her, saying that she will not be put in a box. She described the late TV presenter as a jack of all trades.

Hatutaweka Njambi kwa box. Njambi is many things; ni msomi, Christian, artist, mwanasiasa, reggae fan, Rastafarian (We will not confine Njambi in a box. Njambi is many things; she is educated, a Christian, an artist, politician,regae fan and Rastafarian ..mentor .That how I knew my daughter,” the late Njambi’s mother said.

Hii ni njia ya kila mtu lazima tukubali. Nimekuwa na wakati ngumu sana lakini ikafika wakati nikasema nijipe nguvu. Poleni sana kupoteza kwani kupoteza kwenu ni kwangu pia. Njambi aliwapenda sana (This is a path we all must accept. I have been through a tough time, but there came a moment when I told myself to stay strong. I’m sorry for your loss as your loss is mine too. Njambi loved you all very much).”

The family further explained that the late Jahmby was a person of the people and that she touched people’s lives at an individual level and that she could not be limited to one identity.

The mother of the late Jahmby koikai revealed the details of the late daughter’s final journey .

She shared that the requim mass will be held on Thursday,and the burial will take place on Friday 14th 2024 at langata cementry.

The family went ahead to explain why she will not be buried at her ancestral home.

She will be burried at langata cementry because her grandmother is burried there,and we want her laid close to her (grandmother)” the father of the deceased explained.

The popular Reggae Sensation Jahmby koikai alias fyah mummah succumbed to endometriosis which she has been fighting since she was 15 years old.

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