“Niko na shida ya akili,” Content creator Brian Chira addresses his whereabouts

Kenyan Tiktoker Brian Chira has resurfaced after long silence in social media, revealing that he has been been unwell mentally for a couple of days.

Last year, Chira made headlines on media outlets over his wild behavior on TikTok. In the past few months however, he disappeared on social media, raising questions about his whereabouts. A section of Kenyans speculated that he was going through difficult moments.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, he confirmed that he has not been mentally okay. He however shared that during the time has been away from social media, he has been attending rehabilitation sessions.

“I have not been mentally okay, and to be honest I have been visiting a specialist, Thanks to him,” he said.

The Content creator who once confessed being a HIV victim further revealed on things he has been forced to change inorder to better himself.

I’ve been trying to make me better, loving myself, going slow in bottles (alcohol) and bathing twice every day. You see such things have made me a better person.”

However, Chira warned that changing his behaviors does not mean he will let go anyone who will invade his peace.

Huyu Chira bado ana vituko vyake, If you come my way especially in the Showbiz, I will respond ruthlessly. I’m not silent, but rather rebuilding myself. If I hear anybody talking I’ll of me, I will fight back with similar energy.”

He said that his comeback Entertainment Industry will be big, and not just on TikTok but also expecting to launch a podcast on YouTube.

Further, he disclosed during his shows he will have to take some alcohol to give enough courage to face his fans.

“I will come with content on YouTube. It will be like a Podcast. I’ll take some beer before the show. Talking to fans for over 40 minutes is not a joke,” he added.

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