Nadia Mukami’s Birthday Surprise For Son Backfires

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy’s son Haseeb Kai recently turned one.

The celebrity couple was excited about the milestone and used the opportunity to unveil his face to the public. They even threw a lavish party for the minor where they intended to surprise him with their first ever major gift.

When the moment for the surprise came, the boy was however already in slumber land, leaving the couple in shock.

“We asked @kidspools_and_electric_cars to customize an electric car as our first gift ever to @haseebkai ! We surprised @haseebkai but shock on us, he was already asleep 😁😁. This was a perfect gift for @haseebkai,” Nadia shared on her Instagram account.

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Photo|Instagram|Nadia Mukami

In her birthday post, the mother of one penned a beautiful message for her son and hoped that he will not end up like his parents.

“Mtoto anafanana na nani? ……….I always wanted a baby boy sooooo bad and God granted me baby @haseebkai You are just like mummy very active & talkative 😁 You gave me a new reason to hustle harder! Naomba kesho usiseme unataka kuwa msanii☹️🙄😁😁 Please be our family Lawyer,” the superwoman singer said.

Arrow Bwoy on the other hand noted that God has been with them throughout the journey. He further professed his love undying for Nadia and Haseeb.

“Happy birthday son @haseebkai Our Lord has been The pacesetter and I am loving the speed Alhamdulilah 🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️ Kaende sana ,” the artist wrote.

“My sons first birthday party 🔥🔥 ❤️ I love these two so much @nadia_mukami @haseebkai 💯❤️🥰 Mungu Awaeke,” he added.

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