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Kisii Man Dies after Mistreatment by ‘Beloved’ Uncle Following Parents’ Death

A Kisii woman has decried the mistreatment of her brother by their uncle leading to his death. John Ombati and Monica Moraa were the only children to their parents who loved them dearly and ensured that they provided for their needs.

But tragedy hit one day, and they were forced to travel back to their rural home to attend a funeral in Nyabigege, Kisii. Sadly, their parents met their death after being involved in a tragic car accident along Kericho Highway at Kaisugu Tea factory a few kilometres to Kericho town. With both the parents gone, the comfortable life they were used to was gone as well.

The children were forced to remain in the hands of relatives, particularly their uncle, who took charge of the higher percentage’s responsibilities. Life was never easy anymore; all they could was remember the good old days when their parents were still alive. At least both of them had completed their secondary school education and would soon join college.

Just two months after their parents passing, the uncle had a plan in motion to grab all the properties belonging to their late father. He had changed from the sweet uncle they used to know, and now his long ‘claws’ we showing. Life was not a bed of roses anymore, and all the Ombati could do was encourage her younger sister Moraa that better days were coming.

Back in the village, they would go for days without food and had to survive on water. With the conditions getting worse each day, Ombati had to think of a way to get back to the city to look for greener pastures, but how could he leave his younger sister with all the problems they been undergoing? Two days before his departure, however, a good Samaritan visited their home and managed to share a lot with them. In the process, the good Samaritan helped Ombati get back to the city and helped Moraa secure some money to survive in the village by helping his wife with house duties.

Back in Nairobi, life was still not easy as Ombati expected, and he was forced to stay in the streets begging for food from strangers while still facing hostility from other street children. Life was getting worse each day and Ombati was forced to rethink going back to the village. Luckily he managed to secure a ticket, but under the condition, he was never to be seen in Nairobi’s streets again, which he accepted.

Life didn’t get any better back in the village, and all Moraa could manage was bring him some food. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, Ombati passed on after a short illness leaving his younger sister confused and in great grief. With the help of the ‘good Samaritan’, she managed to give her brother a decent send-off though their ‘loving uncle was nowhere to be seen. After the burial, Moraa still went on with her house girl duties until one day, while going through some newspaper which she found lying around the house came across a story that had the same similarities with what she had been through.

But in this case, the owner of the story had gotten help from Doctor Kishimba, who is based in Kisumu. Without hesitation, Moraa took the number on the newspaper and contacted Kishimba on +254714 995 588.

Moraa shared with Doctor Kishimba all she had been through after their parents passed on. She was assured his spiritual powers work within 24 hours. On hearing this, Moraa immediately booked her appointment and the following day; she was on her way to Kishimba’s herbal shop.

When she got there, the doctor performed rich spells while sprinkling herbs on her, assuring everything was about to take a new turn. Two weeks later, Moraa miraculously got a new job just like Doctor Kishimba had promised, and indeed her life took a new turn. Moraa is now a proud owner of several houses and cars and lives happily in Kisii town’s outskirts. Well, the uncle who mistreated Moraa and her late brother even came to apologise though his family were now unstable and had been reduced to begging

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