Kenyan woman dumps husband for feeding her entirely on Sukuma Wiki

As the ‘Hunger of January’ continue to bite, a Kenyan woman has left people in shock for dumping her husband for allegedly feeding her entirely on Sukuma Wiki (Kales).

The woman who walked out of 3 year marriage lamented over husbands inability to provide for balanced diet. She blamed her former husband for providing meals that were dominated by the popular greens, leaving behind other sweet components.

Speaking to the media, the woman who sought anonymity ruled out hard economic times, adding that his husband is too lazy to provide for a family.

Tangu anioe amenunu nyama Mara mbili. Siwezi kuwa nakula greens Kila siku kama mifugo,” she said emphasizing that she can’t feed on greens like livestock.

The visibly irate woman recounted her estranged husband buying cabbage for Christmas celebration, something she said provoked her anger and intensified her urge to look for a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Imagine Mwanaume mzima ananunua cabbage siku ya Christmas. Eti tupike ikiwa stew ya Mchele. Hio ndio siku ilinifanya niache hio nyang’au.” She angrily said.

Reacting to her painful story, Kenyans online expressed mixed reactions, with some supporting the move.

“Tuko Njaanuary na Huyu Mwanaume asharambwa. Aende atafute pesa Sasa… Women deserve better,” commented Irene Kasyoki.

“Duuh..Who doesn’t see vile economy ni hard. Hata huyo Mwanamke akwende na huko,” said Emily Mtrue.

“Effects of January… Itabidi wanaume wasake pesa.” Added Edwin Matara.

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