Kapkeno: How Man U fan almost died while eating crate of eggs after Humiliating defeat

On Sunday September 3, Kalenjin based secular artist Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi made a daring bet, that he would consume a crate of eggs if Manchester United lost to Arsenal. The artist uploaded a photo on social media,while holding a placard that read,”I will eat one grade (crate) of eggs if Arsenal wins against Manchester United. @kapkeno.”

The worst happened. Arsenal floored Manchester United 3:1 in the highly anticipated match.

In a bid to fulfill his promise, Kapkeno boiled a crate of eggs and went live on Facebook. His stunt however went sour while he was on the 15 th eggs.The Singer fainted before being rushed to the hospital for medical help.

While speaking to Standard Digital, the 27 year old man said that he also lost his life while fulfilling his promise. He disclosed that his fans pressured him to honour his word after Arsenal beat Manchester United.

Nilikuwa nimesema that if Manchester United loses, I will eat a crate of eggs, so when that happened I boiled a crate of eggs and went live on Facebook. You know how the pressure from fans is, I ate up to 15 eggs. When I reached the 15th egg, nikapata joto kwa mwili and later on I was told that my digestion was blocked as I fainted. I found myself in the hospital the next day.” He said.

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