JAGUAR: Eric Omondi’s efforts will not bring big impact

Former Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar has called out comedian turned humanitarian Eric Omondi, saying that he should consider working with the government.

Speaking recently, Jaguar who is now a CAS noted that Omondi is doing a commendable job in offering humanatarian support to the victims of the ongoing gloods. However, he noted that the former Churchill Show comedian should should team up with government, if he want make impact.

The disaster is bigger than Eric Omondi,” Jaguar said.

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According to Jaguar, Eric Omondi is doing good work, but his efforts will not bring much desired contribution to the society.

The former lawmaker noted in a viral video that Eric Omondi should team up with government.

“I appreciate whatever he is doing but I do not think it will bring any change. Personally, if you ask me it is bigger than him. I think it is good if he can collaborate with the government and work with them in order to bring change, ” Jaguar candidly said during an interview he had with YouTubers.

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Jaguar went on to cite some of the things Eric had done especially during this time when the nation has been hit by heavy rainfall and floods highlighting that the father of 2 could not save everyone even if he wanted to.

For example if you look at Athi River where he went to help people, the whole of Kenya is affected. Ni vizuri ata kama anapiga serikali ashikane na serikali kama anataka kusaidia.

I appreciate what he is trying to do, but haitaleta any impact. Haitaleta a bigger impact because it is bigger than whatever he thinks,” the CAS said

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