Jackton Odhiambo says he killed Chiloba for cheating on him

The mystery behind the cold blood murder of fashionista Edwin Chiloba has taken a new twist.

This is after the main murder suspect Jackton Odhiambo confessed that he killed the fashion designer for cheating on him.

Jackton Odhiambo was arrested as the main suspect behind the murder of Edwin. In his confession, Jackton revealed that he executed the killing with help of two friends, as a revenge for choosing another partner over him.

Sources have revealed that Chiloba and Odhiambo have been living together in a romantic relationship for a period of one year.

Edwin Chiloba was murdered on 3rd January. His body was stashed in a metallic box and dumped along the road.

Langas OCPD John Odhiambo has established that Edwin and Jackton have been living together as husband and wife. The union turned sour after Chiloba allegedly went outside the relationship prompting Odhiambo to do a revenge. 

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According to Chiloba’s caretaker, Jackton Odhiambo called him using Chiloba’s phone on January 4th. He informed him that they had found another place of residence and they were moving out immediately.

Upon arrival, the caretaker noticed some foul smell emanating from the house. Odhiambo however dismissed it as dead rat that had been disturbing them for long.

Detectives have now launched manhunt for the other two suspects involved in the act.

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