“Huyu ni shetani,” househelp caught on camera urinating on cup, using it to cook 😭

A video clip of a woman urinating on cup and using it to cook has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media.

A section of of Twitter users expressed their mixed reactions after the short nauseating clip went viral. The clip seen by Public News Kenya, was shared by a popular Twitter Use @Kilundeezy.

In the clip, a middle aged women is seen going about a business in a cosy kitchen. The lady is seen taking a cup and positioning herself strategically to tap her urine. She goes ahead and lift her dress and fills the cup halfway.

The lady is further seen emptying the cup into what appears like already cooking food. She then goes ahead and repeats the action.

While reacting to the clip, a section of Kenyans who camped on the comment section speculated that the lady in question is a house on a mission to punish her employer. With many relating to the previous incidences of house helps meting offences against their employers, Kilundeezy stressed the importance of Installing CCTV cameras.

“It’s good to install a camera this maids can do you things wakiwa kitchen.”

These were some of the reactions;

“The more reason you shd ensure the hhelp is part and parcel of the house team. Eat same food and share same table. No one shd ever prepare food that they don’t partake of.”

“In 2019, I had a house help who used to share shopping with the neighbours’ bana. I made some shopping for the two months she was in the house mpaka nikaambia wife apunguze vile wanakula. Vijana wa mjengo walikuwa wanadish kwangu free.”

“But before afanye hivi uliza wife wako anamtreat aje ? Kama huezi mshow love mtu anakulindia watoto aone ako part of your family i swear utakula ata mavi kwa ugali,nliona mwingine alitolewa stage n mgeni mama anamuambia pita huku kwan hakioni then results ndyo hii makojoo”

“How can I unsee this,dilitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­”

“Wuee, awful 😞”

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