“He is not a flop,” Chris Sutton defends Kai Havertz poor performance in Arsenal

Legendary soccer pundit Chris Sutton has defended Kai Havertz recent poor performance in Arsenal. The 58 year old former professional footballer and manager argued that Havertz woes began while in Chelsea.

Havertz is not a flop because was doing well at Leverkusen. The problem started from Chelsea and now Arsenal” Chris said.

Kai Lukas Havertz is a German professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or forward for Premier League arrived in arsenal to replace Xhaka from Chelsea where he failed to meet their expectations. Mikel Arteta expressed a lot of confidence that Havertz was the perfect replacement for Xhaka.

Since he moved to Emirates, the is no game arsenal fans can say Havertz performance well. His recent games have been disappointing with no hope of improving soon.

Chris Sutton ~ Kai Havertz has Confidence Crises

Chris Sutton holds that Kai Havertz’s poor performance has everything to do with confidence crises. According to him, the player is grappling with a crisis of confidence as he struggles to make an impact at Arsenal since his summer transfer to the club.

Havertz appears a broken man, a player with absolutely zero confidence. Having been there myself, it’s not a nice place to be.The effort is there but he seems muddled. decision-making isn’t good. He’s trying but looking at his body language. He needs a break, a big moment. Not sympathy penalties like earlier in the,” Sutton said.

Arteta continues to place his trust in the player for whom the club paid a substantial fee, even in the face of widespread scepticism and hopes that Havertz can rediscover his form.

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