Cristiano Ronaldo to Pay his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Ksh.15 million every month

In case World football star Cristiano Ronaldo seperate with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, then she will be the sole owner of their luxurious house in La Finca neighborhood, Pozuelo, Madrid. This is according to the prenuptial agreement between the two lovebirds that jas left mny astonished.

According to the agreement, Georgina will also receive a monthly income of 100,000 Euros ($107,5000) for the rest of her life. This means that Georgina will be receiving approximately Ksh15.1 million per month for the rest of her life.

The award winning footballer began dating Georgina in 2016. The two are blessed with 2 children together; Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda.

Georgina is also the mother to the soccer star’s three children born via surrogate; Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, Eva, and Mateo. The prenuptial agreement terms has been reached, considering the fact that Rodriguez has been listed as the mother of the 5 children.

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Although there have been rumours that the two have separated, they put on a united front in Madrid to promote Ronaldo’s water brand.

Last year, it emerged that the football star,put his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on a payroll with a monthly salary of ksh 12.5 million.

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According to a Spanish outlet El nacional, Ronaldo has been paying Georgina the amount in relation to expenses and children care.

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