Eric Omondi names Kenyan artists who are Foniketas as he annoints Bunny Sila to take over

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has anointed gospel artist Bunny Asila to steer the gospel industry in Kenya.

In the video that is circulating in Kenyan social media space, Eric Omondi began by blasting some former and current Kenyan gospel artist for shaming God. The self-made True gospel activist who was dressed in a clerical cloak, attributed the problems Kenyan are going through to their deeds.

All the problems the people of Kenya are going through from the high cost of living dying of frought famine and hunger is because of your immorality and umalaya,” the visbly bitter Eric Omondi said.

The controversial comedian went ahead and called out Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko for shamelessly dishing several madem despite being a gospel artist.

We cannot have men of once called the name of God to bless this nation Like Ringtone, after we spoke and I called you on phone you are still speepin with madem morning day and evening. You are Malaya,” he said.

Further, he attacked several other artists, adding that if the don’t change God will raise a new generation.

He said,” And people like willy Paul they left the house of God… the glory of God. Now he is just showing us his chest…. Now hata bei ya unga ni kwa sababu ya Mr. Seed na tabia zko mbovu. Na bei ya mafuta kwa sabbu ya Weezdom na umalaya wako,” he said.

In a surprise move, Eric Omondi called singer Bunny Asila, who knelt before him for blessings. Eric uttered words of blessing and asked him to restore the lost glory.

I anoint you withauthority to take us back to God. I anoint you with Grace to bring people back to God..and I anoint you with favour to bring Kenya to its Glory and its original place.”

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