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Parents in a rush to prepare for term 3 as ‘Njaanuary’ approach.

Parents countrywide are in a rush to prepare for third term as opening dates draw near. Bookshops and
uniform shops are at their peak as parents grab the available stock. They have however decried high
prices of items blaming the deteriorating economy.

“Mimi nimekuja hapa nimeshtuka. Ile dress nilikuwa nanunulia mtoto wangu at Sh 1200 saa hii
nimeambiwa ni sh 1700. Vitabu zenyewe zimepanda bei. Kama mimi ile budget nilikuwa nimechora
haitawezekana coz prices zimenipata by a surprise,” lamented on of the parent.

Parents have further blamed the Competency Based Curriculum for draining the parents’ pockets, “Kuna
hii kitu inaitwa CBC. I think the government should scrap the whole thing. The forcing us into
unnecessary budgets. Why don’t they take full control. Why force parents to buy things they cant afford.
It is a total mess.”

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has however issued a stern warning against rowdy students torching
schools. Magoha has advised ill-minded students planing to torch Schools to rather stay with their parents at
home. He was further warned students against use of drugs.

“If you feel like staying with your parents, instead of going to burn schools, just stay at home. You will do exams
from there. I also don’t want hear any student taking drugs anywhere close to school,” said Magohi.

All public schools are set to open on 3rd January. This is after a two weeks Christmas holiday that
commenced around 20s December.

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