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Eldoret Banker Narrates How Best Friend Impregnated Lover After He Became Epileptic

If there is one thought that every employed person dreads, it is the bitter truth that at some point in life, they may lose their job before hitting retirement age. It is shared knowledge that in the modern world, many people are being driven out of employment due to many reasons among them redundancy, closure of firms, economic freeze like the one caused by COVID-19 or even illness.

Amos Koech is among people who after they landed handsomely paying jobs, never thought they will ever go back to the hustlers’ club to an extent they will starting begging. Four years ago, Koech, a finance graduate got employed in a bank where after two years, he was promoted to a managerial position. His star did not stop shining since he was later promoted and transferred to head a branch the bank had opened in South Sudan.

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The banker was overjoyed by the quick strides he was making in his career but the little did he know that his rise also marked as the beginning of his quick downfall.

While in South Sudan, Koech helped Steve Muli, one of his classmates, secure a job opportunity at the branch.

“We had really suffered together while at school and also tarmacked together after graduating from college. I successfully linked him with the job after he told me he still didn’t have a sustainable source of income,” said Koech.

Months after Muli commenced work in South Sudan, things started to change. He became rude and no longer wanted to be associated with Koech who had sheltered him for two months .

Rumours were also rife that Muli was painting a bad picture about Koech to their bosses back in Nairobi.

“What hurt me the most is the fact that he went ahead and started dating my Ugandan girlfriend who I wanted to marry. This crushed me. I never expected such from my best friend who I had pulled from the ashes,” the banker offered.

As if that was not enough, Muli, despite claiming to be a staunch Christian, went to a sorcerer who cast an evil spell on Koech. Koech started fainting and experiencing seizures while at work. He could fall down while working.

When the problem became persistent, he was sent on a medical leave which was later terminated after his health failed to improve. He travelled back to Kenya to his Eldoret home where he turned into the consumption of illicit brew to forget about his troubles. In mid-2019, he was informed that Muli had impregnated his girlfriend and they were planning to get married.

“The news almost sent me to an early grave. I was shocked. This made me sink deeper into depression. My sister helped me get a teaching job at a local secondary school, but I could not work since any time I started teaching, I could fall on the ground and fizzle foam from my mouth,” he continued.

In October 2019, his sister came home with a copy of a local daily which had a story of Kisumu based herbalist Dr Kishimba Simba and his impeccable ability to solve complex life problems. The distraught man, however, says he trashed the report and dismissed it as mere hullabaloo and a scam. His sister, however, insisted, on trying out the native healer whose number (+254714 995 588) had been issued in the write up that was also packed with testimonies from other Kenyans who had contacted Kishimba Simba for help.

After reaching out, the herbalist invited them to Kisumu where after listening to the case, he quickly revealed that it was Muli who had used evil powers against Koech. The herbalist intervened and launched a counter-attack that rounded up all the evil caused by Muli.

“In November 2019, I started applying for jobs. By January 2020, up to seven companies had given me job offers.

I picked the company with the best deal and that is where I am working, to date” he intimated On the other hand, from February this year, Muli was fired from the branch in South Sudan after he attempted to steal money. He is in his Machakos village where he is said to be in unstable mental condition.

IMG 20230412 173550 jpg Eldoret Banker Narrates How Best Friend Impregnated Lover After He Became Epileptic

“The herbalist said Muli was paying for his sins. He requested me to make peace with him incases I wanted to reserve the punishment. I am, however, still afraid of him as a result of the atrocities he causes me. I will, however, consider burying the hatchet.

I don’t want him to suffer too much despite having caused me woes,” said Koech as he released a sigh. Are you troubled? Do you have troubling difficulties that give you tears every day like Koech? If this is you, then worry no more. Herbalist and healer Kishimba is here to restore your hope. Just contact him and he will swing into action. Be rest assured that it will be all smiles like it happened to Koech who now has a new lover and nice paying job.

Contacts: Call /WhatsApp – +254714 995 588

Website https://drkishimbasamba.zyrosite.com/

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