Beautiful Photos Of Stephen Letoo House

Stephen Letoo is arguably one of the best TV reporters in Kenya. His journalistic skills became more visible in 2022 general elections. He trasversed the whole country and spiced the screens with epic narrations of political events.

It is through his efforts that President William Ruto recognised him during his Presidential victory acceptance speech. The President inquired to know why Letoo was not among the journalists covering the event.

Where is my friend Stephen Letoo of Citizen Tv,” Ruto hilariously asked amidst laughter.

Stephen Letoo House

Stephen Letoo has now joined other celebrities in owning a multi million mansion. His house which is almost to completion has costed him 8 million Kenyan shillings.

He also disclosed that he will equip the house with furniture worth Ksh. 1 million. The total cost of the house will therefore rise to Ksh. 9M.

The mansion features 6-bedrooms and a big playground for kids. It also has a modern kitchen, a luxurious living room and a dining room.

The house is majorly painted white. According to Letoo, the house design is inspired by American movies White House and House of Cards.

The self proclaimed ‘polygamy advocate’ has now hinted at relocating to the house with two wives. He is currently married to Winnie Nadupoi with whom they have a son – Santino Leyian Letoo.

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