Premium Tears! Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo spark breakup rumours

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray and husband Kennedy Rapudo have Spark Breakup Rumors. This after the Nyashlicious queen unfollowed him on Instagram before sharing a Cryptic Message.

According to the message shared on her Instagram story, Amber Ray cited repeated domestic violence. She maintained that she is not ready to persevere the violence.

“. Knowing too well about how society keeps its mouth shut on domestic violence, I won’t use my platform to sing the same song over and over again. I choose to lead with compassion, because in the end, it hurts. It hurts to have your trust shattered in ways you cannot express in words……..Things in my household have not been okay…

Recently, the socialite revealed that she is ready for a another pregnancy. The Nyashlicious queen shared a TBT photo of herself, when she was pregnant.

In a surprise move, Amber Ray went ahead and informed her Husband Kennedy Rapudo that she is ready to gift him twins.

Almost six months now from giving birth to @africanahrapudo 😇 Kennedy Rapudo I think my uterus is ready now for twins 🤣 the ball is in your court 😜. “

Kennedy Rapudo is a young ambitious man, working as a researcher with AMREF. He is also an established businessman, with his Networth standing at around Ksh. 50M.

Rapudo shot into limelight after he began dating socialite Amber Ray. The two lovebirds have been flaunting posh life on social media.

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