“Allow mobile phones in secondary schools,” Principals chairman Indimuli Kahi urges

The Secondary school principals association (KESSHA) chairperson Indimuli Kahi has sparked heated debate among Kenyans after proposing secondary school students be given access to mobile phones.

According to the Machakos school Principal,the education system should embrace the changing trends in the digital economy and thus see the need of students have mobile phones in school.

This is my take but any te I say it people bash me. Technology is the way to go and it should be incorporated in schools,” Kahi said.

Kahi was speaking on Saturday 11, February on the sidelines of an event organized by Kewota to empower female teachers to access digital products and insurance coverage.

In his address, the Chief Principal however noted that the gadgets should have restrictions to avoid misuse.

Time has come when we need to think again on policies of use of mobile phones in schools by our students,” Kahi said.

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While defending his take, Kahi argued that during the Covid 19 pandemic, learners were forced to take online classes.

We stopped using mobile phones immediately the schools were opened during the corona area. Before then, learners would sit down, log in into their smart phones and attend to online classes,” he said.

During the event, Kewota disclosed a major plan to empower its members to own laptops at affordable prices. It also launched a medical plan and also unveiled soft loans initiative for all registered members.

Kahi has now urged the government to consider introducing the gadgets in secondary schools. He said the move will help prevent future shock on learning process.

Time has come for gadgets to be used in school by students. So that anytime we have educational shock we don’t close learning. We can close schools but learning continues,” he said

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