14-year old boy who scored 395 marks in KCPE dies of a Circumcision-gone-wrong

A family in Tarakwa, Uashin Gishu County is mourning the death of their 14-year old boy over infections he obtained during the circumcision ceremony on December 3rd.

After scoring 395 marks in the recently released KCSE results, the bright boy was hoping to join one of the best high schools in Kenya.

Unknown to him, the tragic event was awaiting him.

According the boy’s father, his soon was overjoyed wand was looking forward to graduating into manhood.

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Circumcision gone wrong

On the fateful day the boy’s woes began, the boy joined hi four cousins at his uncle’s home in Lelmokwo, Nandi County. The five were were to undergo the rite of passage.

Everything seemed to progress well until after two days when the boy fell ill.

After two days the boy began developing fever followed by severe vomiting. His legs swelled and his body became weak. He also complained of severe chest pains and bloated stomach,” his father said.

At first, the family thought that illness was reaction to the environment and food they boy was being fed on.The sought for a doctor who administered treatment to the boy.

18 days later, his health worsened prompting the family to take him to Eldoret hospital. Since he was in critical condition, the boy was placed under Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The boy was diagnosed with Septic Shock, a dangerous infection that causes organ failure and low blood pressure.

After three days of treatment in Eldoret, the boy succumbed to the infections. Surprisingly, the other initiates were still in good health.

The father has blamed the medical team for diagnosing the boy’s ailment too late. He has said that the boy was being treated for the wrong disease.

Mr. Kirwa has further cautioned other parents to be vigilant and take necessary action if the notice unusual symptoms on their sons.

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There are many boys who are currently in seclusion. Parents should not hesitate to take their sons to the hospital if the feel unwell,” he noted.

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