Thee Pluto Mansion : Inside the Multi-millions property

Thee Pluto Mansion: Recently, Robert Kamau Ndegwa, a Kenyan content creator popularly known as Thee Pluto stunned his fans after he unveiled a Multi-millions flattop mansion. The father of two gave Kenyans a glimpse of his newly acquired home after he shared a video on social media.

In the video, Thee Pluto who was carrying his daughter was seen walking in front of the modern White-coloured mansion as he sang to a popular Kikuyu song.

The house is a uniquely designed flattop mansion, with orange accent on the door. Additionally, the floor is cabro-paved, giving the home an image of Kingly residence.

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A section of Kenyans speculated that the house is worth over 10 million shillings and some questioned whether Thee Pluto could afford it. And why not?

Thee Pluto is a succesful content creator, Youtuber and an Influencer making millions from the venture. He rose to lime light through a program dubbed loyalty test-where he exposed cheating partners. He transversed through various Universities where he ‘sanitized’ young couples.The program made him an internet sensation and earned him large following on social media.

Besides content creation, he is also a well established business man. He is the CEO of two companies that deals with real estates, and also do Forex trading.

In the few years he has been in content creation and business sphere, Thee Pluto has risen to be among youths in Kenya who are millionaire. He drives a Toyota Prado worth around KSh 5m while his partner, Felicity Shiru, drives a Mazda CX5 costing over KSh 3 million.

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