Mystery behind man warming Linet Toto Bed

The mystery of the man warming Bomet Women Rep Linet Toto bed has remained a puzzle. The soft spoken young parliamentarian has chosen to remain silent despite the fasting yielding pressure to reveal her marital status.

Linet Toto Married to Kigen.

Linet Toto first gave snippet of her love life during a political rally. She claimed to be married to a man identified as Kigen from Bomet County.

“Thank you. I want you to know that I am married to Kigen from this county ( Bomet),” she told the crowd.

Her statement was well crafted that it left people with no clear answer on whether she is really married.

More question arose during Citizen Tv’s JKL show hosted by Jeff Koinange. In the interview, Jeff asked Toto whether she is married, a question she brushed off.

“Jeff tupatane nyuma ya tent,” she answered jokingly.

Her response has received fierce criticism from Kenyans on social media. To some, Toto is on a Mission to denounce Kigen, a man she had made public.

Here are some of the comments.

“sasa ameamua kuruka kigen hivyo,”
“This gender ooh…Kigen ataonea Toto kwa Viusasa.”

“How fast? You recently said you are married to Kigen. Ama meruka hio story?”

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DJ Nosh asks to Marry Toto

A popular Kalenjin Kalenjin known as DJ Nosh had previously disclosed that she is crushing on Toto. Nosh took to social media to announce that she was ready to say ‘yes I do’ to the lawmaker.

The DJ further posted photos with packed bags ready to go looking for Toto. His efforts have however not bore fruits because there is no evidence of their meet up.

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