5 Shocking Things Watu Wa Nairobi Will See Ushago During Christmas

The Christmas festive season is finally here here with us. As usual people working in big towns will be traveling to their Ushago to celebrate the big Day with family members.

Well, it is not just celebrations. Christmas is one of the golden opportunities people get to showcase the ‘fruits of their labor‘. From designer clothes to newest gadgets in town, people will be flocking into their villages in style. This is a season car-hiring business will thrive.

For quite a long time, watu wa Nairobi have been forced to shoulder the drama associated with people traveling upcountry for the celebrations. They have had to suffer trolls on social media.

The estranged village men and girls have accused watu wa kanairo for acting strangely during the festive seasons.

Some of the accusations that have stand out are;

Taking back to Nairobi more than they take upcountry. In posts that have circulated on social media over years, Nairobians just carry along a small shopping to their homes. They however carry back loads of farm produce worth 10 times what they give.

watu wa nairobi jpg 5 Shocking Things Watu Wa Nairobi Will See Ushago During Christmas

Calling everything stuff. Well, sheng is a Nairobi thing and stuff is a common thing. But why would you call kids stuff. On a post that has gone viral, a netizen tickled Kenyans with how watu wa nairobi use ‘stuff’ excessively.

Najua nyinyi ni wa Nairobi but mbona muite watoto stuff. Eti hii stuff ya black hajavaa viatu,” he wrote.

Well, public news want to save you the shame.

Here are Strange Things Watu wa Nairobi are likely To see When The Go Upcountry for Christmas

Only Long calls are Executed in Toilets

image 22 5 Shocking Things Watu Wa Nairobi Will See Ushago During Christmas

Unless you hail from a dynasty family, there are no flush toilets in villages. You are most like to encounter a pit latrine. Some of them will not have a concrete floor.

Along the facility, there is a bush-fence with broad leaves. The leaves are not just leaves but tissue papers, otherwise you will meet old books stashed on the walls of the toilet.

Note that this facility is exclusively used for long calls.

In a recent post, Churchill Show comedian Jemutai has warned Nairobians against following mothers when they run behind the house.

Watu mumefika Ushago ukiona mathe amekimbia nyuma ya nyumba usiwahi mfuata šŸ˜‚,” she said.

Well, that is where short calls are majorly executed.

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Livestock sleep in Kitchen

5 Strange Things Watu wa Nairobi are likely To see When The to Ushago for Christmas 1 5 Shocking Things Watu Wa Nairobi Will See Ushago During Christmas

Do not be surprised. Some village do not have sheds for their goats, sheep and chickens. They graze by the day and retreat into the kitchen for their sleep.

People allow them to spend nights in the kitchen because of insecurity. Others believe they too deserve to be warm.

Watu was Nairobi may be forced to battle between cooking and the goats eating from the pot.

You may be forced to bathe in the house

Not all homesteads have bathrooms. In such cases, people bathe in the house.

Other have sack-made facility. Some are so short that people passing by the roadside will greet you.

Sacks and shopping bags are sacred

Sacks and shopping bags are of high value. While going upcountry, remember to carry sacks you lastly used to carry farm produce to Nairobi, otherwise your mother will remind you.

Shopping bags are washed and hanged on cloth-line to dry for re-use.

Use of ‘Tandika’

Tandika is tin-made kerosene-lamp. Well, this is what you might be forced to use as source of light if your home is not lucky to be connected to electricity.

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