Quick Facts About KDF Chopper that Cut Short Life of CDF Francis Ogolla

The tragic Elgeyo Marakwet helicopter crash that killed Kenya Commander of the Defense force (CDF) Francis Ogolla and 9 other military personnels has placed the country in the period of mourning.

Ogolla died during his visit to North Rift where he was on a mission to visit KDF soldiers deployed to end banditry attacks. He was also scheduled toinspect the reopening of schools that were destroyed by bandits.


Quick Facts About the Helicopter that Killed Francis Ogolla

Even as investigation into what caused the accident begin, facts about the helicopter have emerged.

  1. The aircraft is among the six Bell UH-1H Huey II helicopters purchased from America by Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) in the year 2016.

2. It was built by BELL Helicopter, an American aerospace company.

3. It is the first Helicopter of the Huey family, and consequently the first Helicopter to use turbine power in the American Military Service.

4. The choppers were aimed at improving the service delivery of Kenya Defence Forces.

5. It is the improved version of Bell UH-1H,

6. Bell UH-1H was first flown in 1956, and consequently used by American Army in 1962, during Vietnam war.

7. It has an ability of flying at a speed of 209KM/H

8. It is 17m long and 4m wide, wingspan of 15m and 318KM range.

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