Mukinde: Merian Pizza That Make Men Roar Like Lions

Local or traditional dishes are valuable culture elements that identifies a community or a tribe. Even though the urbanized generation is drifting away from them, they are in no doubt more healthier.

These meals have been attributed to the successes and special talents associated with various communities.

In Rift Valley for Instance, Kalenjins are known for their prowess in Athletics. Success in the global sporting events has been attributed to Mursik – farmented milk.

Going further to the West of Kenya, people from the lakeside have well built bodies. They are also known for their intellect, which make them star in academics.

The community is known for the love of Ugali and Fingerlings (Omena).

Well, Meru too has a local cuisine popularly know as Mukinde, which make men roar like lions.

The meal is a compact mixture of cereals, maize floor and greens.

The local dish is known for its ability to make one go for for long hours without feeling hungry.This makes it a darling to manual workers.

How to Prepare Mukinde


  • 1Kg of Maize (Dry or green)
  • 1Kg of beans (Dry or Green)
  • Green ( Native greens like managu or pumpkin leaves are most preferred)
  • 2Kg maize flour


  • Mix maize and beans and cook them until they are tender
  • Add maize flour and stir until you get a compact mixture.
  • Add chopped greens and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Place the mixture on a tray and allow it too cool
  • Serve with stew of your choice.

NB: Mukinde can also be served breakfast. A handful piece with a glass of tea can take you through out the Day.

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