Meet Albert Ofusu Nketia, the global internet sensation

In the World dominated by social media, anything is possible. Albert Ofusu Nketia from Ghana went to sleep as a normal boy but woke up as global sensation, with his video getting a good share of the digital space.

The uncle who was recording the hilarious moment did not know that he would bring his nephew into limelight.

While speaking in an interview with Ghanian media, the mother disclosed that the short clip was recorded by her son’s uncle.She further revealed that the boy was crying because he wanted yams for dinner.

My son was crying for yams. He wanted to have it for dinner.” She said.

According to the mother, the boy became suddenly happy and started laughing. This is after his grandma who was also present began comforting him by singing beautiful songs.

He switched from crying to laughing after his grandma began entertaining him.”

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It is however not until the uncle sold his phone that the video went viral. Upon finding the video in the gadget, the phone buyer shared it on social media and it immediately lit the internet.

When the mother first saw the video on social media, she got confused. According to her, if she knew who shared the video it would have been a police case. She maintained that the clip was not supposed to leave the house, adding that the video was recorded with intention of sharing with the boy’s Dad.

The video leaked after his uncle sold the his phone. It’s definitely the buyer that shared the video on social media.” She added

The video of the boy crying then all of sudden laughing went viral garnering millions of views across various media platforms.

Click here to watch the video.

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