Man buys a Tank while in Bar, Only to Discover It was Concrete Tank 😭

Drama ensued in Muthara, Meru County after one man’s plan to acquire property cheaply ended in premium tears.

According to reports, Kalung’e was enjoying enjoying his bottles of beer at a local bar in Muthara market, when his friend Kirimi stormed in with an enticing deal.

Nani anataka Tank. Nauza Tank ya 10,000 litres at 20K,” Kirimi shouted

Even before he could end his statement, Kalung’e was already salivating at the sweet deal. A 10K litres Plastic Tank retails at a range of between Ksh. 70K and Ksh. 120K depending on the manufacturing company.

Kalung’e could not believe his years. A golden opportunity to make his wife smile had presented itself. He quickly called Kirimi aside and offered to make the purchase.

Without wasting time, Kalung’e made the transaction and informed Kirimi that he would go to fetch the Tank the following Day.

Hell broke loose when Kalung’e found out that Kirimi has never owned a Plastic Tank. Burning with Anger, he confronted him but Kirimi insisted that he was not selling a plastic Tank, but rather a concrete Tank.

Mimi nilisema nauza Tank. Sikusema ni ya plastic. Wewe jua vile utabena tank yako,” Kirimi defended himself.

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