“Kuja Nikupige,” Nairobi Edwin Sifuna asks Samson Cherargei for a boxing contest

Edwin Sifuna now wants Samson Cherargei to engage him in a fight

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna now wants Nandi senator Samson Cherargei to engage him in a physical fight instead of curtailing Kenyans’ constructional right to demonstrate .

While speaking to Journalists, Sifuna requested his colleague senator to direct his energy in a boxing contest with him, instead of causing mayhem during the demonstration organized by Azimio.

Cherargei mkiangalia anaeza piga nani hapa? He speaks a lot because he knows that he is protected by state machineries. Senetor Cherargei before fighting with protesters, come engage be in a boxing contest.” He said.

Sifuna further claimed that hackers have attempted to hack Azimio la Umoja’s Website that seek to remove President William Ruto from power through collecting over 10M signatures.

Lastly, they have been claiming that our project of collecting over 10M signatures is not going anywhere. But these people have been trying to hack the website. Over the recent past we have received over 1000 attacks on our website.”

Sifuna added that their plan to demonstrate for 3 consecutive days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will go on as planned until government succumbs to pressure and work on the high cost of living.

Tunasema Wakenya wanataka kukula, na wanataka kukula leo hii. It doesn’t matter how long you will close your ears. Tutapiga hiyo maskio kofi mpaka ifunguke mskie kilio cha Wakenya.”

Leaders from ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance have however warned Azimio side against staging demonstration of any kind.

While speaking at Sondu, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki likened demonstrators to criminals.Kindiki sid that the protesters that have been involving themselves in destruction of properties during demonstratiopn against the government are no better than terrorists.

We have been fighting Al Shabaab and terrorists in North Eastern part of Kenya but there is nothing another group of political terrorists that has are resurfaced.

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