Jovial On Why She Prefers Male Friends

Kenyan Singer Juliet Miriam Ayub popularly known as Jovial has revealed why she has few girlfriends and many male friends.

In her revelation on social media, the singer has said that she prefers male friend.

Someone asked my why I don’t have friends….I do have friends…Male friends and that my team,” the singer said.

In the post, jovial has cited hypocrisy from gender mates as the reason behind her choice of friends. He has praised men for being loyal and true friends.

“Hakuna watu hukuwa chilled kama maboys. Any time, any day.Depends with how you carry yourself,” she has said.

Jovial on why She Prefer Male Artists Collabo

The sultry singer has revealed that she prefers doing collabo with male artists.

One of the reasons why I am choosy when it comes to female collaborations. I hate negative vibes man. Those who know me…that is why I prefer male team,” she added.

According to Jeraha hit-maker, hatred among female celebrities is one of the reasons why there are few female artists in the industry.

Kwanza ogopa wenye hukuita ‘babe’. Those are the worst. That is why female artists are less in the industry.

Earlier last month, Jovial and Willy Paul announced that they are in a relationship after weeks of chase one another on social media.

The two have done a song.

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