Stop Dreaming Raila all The Time, James Orengo Warns Gachagua

Siaya governor James Orengo has confronted the deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over unnecessarily mentioning Raila Odinga’s name.

Orengo who was speaking on Monday, a day after Gachagua mercilessly attacked Raila, has asked the Deputy President to cease mentioning the ODM party leader.

Rigathi is speaking about Raila everywhere, I do not know whether he sleeps close to his wife at night. His dreams are all about Raila. He should stop disturbing his wife and children with Raila, even when they are asleep. He should instead deliver on promises he gave Kenyans,” Orengo said.

The angry governor asked the Kenya Kwanza government to stop blaming the former regime and take charge.

I am kindly urging you to stop crying that Uhuru didnt do this, Raila didnt do this.You have all the government so take charge,” he added.

The renowned lawyer further affirmed that they, as opposition are ready, to keep on toes. He said that they won’t spare Ruto’s administration if it wont deliver on its manifestos.

“If you continue messing like you are, we wont relent. We still got our whip and we shall land on you if you don’t keep the promises you gave kenyans.”

Earlier on, Rigathi Gachagua confronted Raila Odinga, asking him to allow Kenya Kwanza government to work for Kenyans.

“We are not looking for you and we do not have time. The last time you got into Uhuru’s government, you messed everything. Stop thinking we will allow you into our government.We do not want your help,” Rigathi said.

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