I Regret Giving False Prophecies, Says Preacher Benny Hinn

Renown American Televangelist Benny Hinn has expressed regrets and asked for forgiveness over what he termed as allowing false testimonies and prophecies in his revival and prayers crusades.

Speaking in a podcast that has gone viral, the preacher who traces his origin in Israel regretted allowing false prophecies to take a center stage in his revival meetings in different parts of the world, adding that he regrets his actions.

The preacher who is popularly known for his powerful sermons said that he is a human being, subject to errors. He called upon those that follow his preachings globally to forgive him.

We are human, we all make mistakes. If there two things I regret in my service to God is that I was not wise enough on many occasions about prophetic testimonies. I had visitors that came to revival meetings and they caused harm not just on lives of people but also my reputation because their prophecies was not true.” He said.

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The preacher who had a revival and prayers crusade in Nairobi early this year, confessed that some of his guests went beyond the voice of redemption, adding that such testimonies were lies.

There are times I thought God has given me prophecies and I went ahead to tell people. Regrettably, I wish I can take time back and do correction. Some prophecies were neither true nor from God. I’m asking for forgiveness. I’m just human.”

Some went beyond the voice of redemption. Anything beyond redemption is not prophecy. We are not supposed to allow that to happen. I allowed but later stopped it.

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