How pride fell the Meru political giant Kiraitu Murungi

Kiraitu murungi

If words were anything to go by, Kiraitu Murungi would be the next governor of Meru County. The idea of losing in any political contestation has never struck his mind.

In a viral video that is circulating on social media, the veteran politician is heard telling the residents of Meru that he must be the next governor of the County.

“I want to tell you, if you don’t want to vote for me, don’t. But I want to assure you that come 9th August, Kiraitu Murungi will be your next governor,” he says.

Kiraitu Murungi lose the seat

Kiraitu has however been squarely trounced by independent candidate Bishop Kawira Mwangaza who garnered 209,158 votes. Mithika linturi of UDA has followed with 183, 859 votes and Kiraitu Murungi  closing third with 110,850 votes.

Kiraitu Murungi political journey began in 1992 when he successfully ran for  Imenti South parliamentary seat. He has ever since won  7 consecutive elections, 6 parliamentary contestation and one term as a governor.

According to Kiraitu Murungi, his successful political career is courtesy of his genius political mind.

During a gubernatorial debate held at KEMU, Kiraitu Murungi affirmed that he would lose the election by any chance.

“That question that does not arise. Because nobody will defeat me,” he replied to a journalist who asked whether he would concede defeat if he lost the election.

Kiraitu Murungi loves to be identified by Crocodiles because of their lethality.  During his campaigns, he has been using the phrase ‘King’ang’I kirio rujine’ which means crocodile is still in water.

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Kawira Mwangaza political journey

Kawira first expressed gubernatorial bid interest in 2019. Political Pundits were skeptical about her political muscle.

Her thirst for Meru County top seat became more vicious when she vowed to unseat Kiraitu Murungi.The rivalry between the two cooked and has ever since escalated.

Kawira Mwangaza has ever since been crying over what she has termed as ‘tribulations from kiraitu’.

Kawira Mwangaza first ran for Buuri parliamentary seat in 2013 but she lost. She then began a philanthropic programme dubbed ‘Operation Okolea’. She later set up a local Tv station Baite that has been beaming her philanthropic activities.

In 2017, Kawira ran for Women Representative seat where she floored Florence Kajuju. She would later run for gubernatorial seat and floor Kiraitu Murungi.

According digital strategist Gichunge Kaburu, people voted massively against Kiraitu to teach him a lesson.

“According to me Kiraitu is way better than Kawira and Linrturi in terms of policies. People chose to vote against him because he was so proud. He has been moving around bragging how he has never lost an election,” he said.

According to Gichunge, not even UDA party would have saved Kiraitu .

“Some of his supporters feel that Kiraitu has lost because of supporting Azimio. This is not true. UDA too would not save him,” he added.

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