“Hautoshi mboga,” Ngesh wa Vasha leaves Stivo Simple Boy in Tears 😭

Upcoming Kenyan artist Mary Wangeci popularly known as Ngesh Wa Vasha has publicly declined Stivo Simple Boy’s request to date her.

Few Days a go, Stivo Simple Boy made a clip in which he expressed his love for Ngesh. He disclosed that Ngesh was giving him sleepless nights, adding that he would love to be in a romantic relationship with her.

The ‘Mihadarati‘ hitmaker went ahead and asked Kenyans to help him convey his message to the artist.

β€œYoh, huyu ni Stevo Simple Boy Mondi wa Kenya manze kuna mwanadada pale naona amenivutia sana anaitwa Kaveve Kazoze(Ngesh). Kama ako single mwambie Stevo Simple Boy mzee wa matulenga namtamani mfikishie ripoti mwambie Stevo Simple Boy nimedata kwake wangu lazizi wangu habibi kwake sitamsuta nitakuwa nayeye na mambo itakuwa freshi aje awe mchumba wangu.” Stivo Simple Boy said.

While speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Ngesh however made it clear that she will not date the rapper.

The ‘Kaveve Kazoze ‘ crooner noted that she has not yet seen Stivo Simple Boy’s video, but explained that her friends have been sending her some photos of the same..

β€œI’ve not seen the clip, nimeona mapicha tu natumiwa mimi sijaona video. Mimi namtaka aje sasa? Mimi nasema ata video sijaona, Achana na yeye,” Ngesh said..

The songstress who hails from Nyandarua county went ahead and intimated that she is in a stable relationship with a loving and handsome man. She however declined to disclose his identity.

β€œMimi niko na mtu. Hiyo ni noma. Mimi sikuwangi na 2nd thought. Usijali mpenzi wangu anaitwa,” Ngesh added.

Last month during an interview, Ngesh disclosed that she is in a romantic entanglement with a man who resides in Naivasha.

She also refuted claims that she is a member of LGBTQ community. The singer noted that she did not know the meaning of the Letters.

β€œMimi siwezi kuwa na nini kama hizo. Mimi ata sijui maana ya hiszo letters.”

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