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In Meru County, the better part of December 2023 was marked with relentless cry for justice, following the cold-blooded murder of blogger Daniel Muthiani popularly known as Sniper.

Sniper, a fearless political blogger went missing on 2nd December and his murdered body was discovered nine days later.

Daniel Muthiani Sniper Last Vlog

Daniel Muthiani relied on his magical art of creating clips in form of prayers to pass his message.

Towards his last days, Sniper did a video that criticised Nephat, a Meru county employee for running away from his matrimonial home and moving in with Millie, who is reportedly sister to the Meru County Boss. He prayed that Nephat is saved from the blindness of the moment and return to his wife.

According to information shared by blogger Dennis Itumbj, Sniper went ahead and joined a WhatsApp group that was created to help Nephat’s wife-Winnie, get justice. According to the group, Justice was Nephat returning home and leaving Millie.

Evident from group WhatsApp chats shared on social media, Sniper seemed aware that this particular Vlog would land him in trouble.He was however convinced that the content was factual.

Daniel Muthiani Sniper Call To Death

On the fateful day, 2nd December 2023, Sniper woke up in good spirits.His video blog implicating Mariam affair with Nephat, a married County staffer was gaining huge traction on social media. He was happy it was attracting analysis and attention to the issues he had raised.

According to Itumbi, Sniper allegedly received a text from ‘Karani Wa Mama’ at around 7am informing him that a County top leader wanted to meet him since ‘he was causing the leader stres’.

In the disclosure text, Sniper said that he had declined and responded that he was not interested since the opposition needed him more.

Thanks a lot and be blessed. Nilitengeneza clip ya mirriam Wa Kitenge na Nephet nikisema mungu aguze Nifet arudi kwa familia yake. Leo b4 7 nilikutana na simu ya karani Wa mama akiwa ameniambia mama amesema nitafutwe niende namempea stress we talk and fix things nikamwambia opposition inanitegemea kuliko wote,” read a screenshot of text message shared by Itumbi.

Thereafter, Sniper received a call from Supuu wa Mioro, who works closely with senior staff at the County Government of Meru.

Supu Wa Mioro reportedly told Sniper that a County politician wanted to meet him so that they could discuss how to work together going forward.

Sniper dressed in his best clothes and a pair of sharp shooters to go meet the politician in a hotel.

The wife called him at around 8pm and he picked. According to wife’s earlier statement, her husband informed her that they were in hotel waiting to be picked by some people who would take them to governor’s home.

Unknown to the wife, that was the last call she was to have with her husband.

On 4th, she reported the matter with the police and an intense search for Sniper began.

Days later, his brutally murdered body was discovered in Marimanti, Tharaka. His face was evidently disfigured, a clear indication that he denied after being tortured.

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Pathologist Report

Speaking during a press briefing on Friday, December 22, after the examination at the Marimanti Level 4 Hospital Mortuary, government pathologist Johansen Oduor shared that Daniel Muthiani Sniper had marks on his neck.

Odour further said that Sniper’s body showed signs of a person who lacked oxygen, had fractured ribs and showed injuries on his head, which suggested that he was strangled before being thrown into a river

Call For Justice

Since the mysterious death of Daniel Muthiani, Meru community embarked on endless call for justice. Thousands of relentless voices made the cry to gain the attention of the mainstream media and national leaders.

In his recent remarks, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki disclosed that investigation were on top gear and in final phase. He further reassured underscored the commitment to ensuring Justice for Sniper us delivered.

“…Those responsible for organizing, financing and executing the cruel murder of Daniel Muthiani , alias Sniper, have a date with justice.

Detectives are concluding the process of identifying the evil perpetrators, including those who lured the young man to his death and those who tortured, murdered and dumped his body in an attempt to conceal the terrible crime.” Read part of Kithure Kindiki’s statement.

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