Akuku Danger narrates a steamy escapade with a Mumama “Karibu nikufe”

Mannerson Oduor, better known as Akuku Danger, shared a life encounter that nearly costed him his life..

The comedian speaking during an Interview disclosed how a romantic escapade with a mumama taught him a life lesson.

He began by narrating how he met a nyashlicious, rich and beautiful woman after a performing in an event. At the time he was still in University.

A while back while still in campus I used to perform in events. So one Day after a show at Carnivore a beautiful woman approached me and said that she loved my work. She asked to drop me..At the time I didn’t have a car so I asked myself why not. And I immediately got into the car,” Akuku Danger narrated.

The former Churchill Show comedian further narrated how the lady treated him to wads of cash after he got into the classy car.

She was driving a Mercedes. I didn’t know about Wamamaz thing. Kidogo akaconfuse kijana, nikaona pesa sijawahi ona katika life yangu. Ukiangalia paja yake pia ni ya thao. She asked about where I studied and I told her everything.”

“She gave me 20,000 Kenyan shillings nikaweka kwa mfuko. Kufika Lang’ata hapo kwa barabara nikangoja gari za rongai lakini magari zilikuwa zimejaa. She requested me to spend a night at her to Kilimani home.”

Later, the comedian accompanied the lady to her home in Kilimani. Unfortunately, the Woman’s husband showed up unexpectedly.

We got to her home and she asked me to feel comfortable. When it was time to sleep she requested me to join her or she join me in guest bedroom. We settled on the latter and ‘everything’ happened. Suddenly, we heard a knock.”

This is how he survived the situation;

Before we opened, she asked me to dress and pretend I was deep asleep. The man got into the room and switched on lights. I sheepishly opened my eyes, greeted him and lied that she was just a friend. It’s God who got me out of the situation. The man got so angry but didn’t do anything to me as I was so young,” Akuku Danger added.

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