A story of 18-year-girl who phoned her boyfriend 100 times

A 18-year -old girl in China who phoned her boyfriend more than 100 times a day has been diagnosed with a “romantic brain”, a version of the South China Morning Post reported.

According to the unusual report, the girl, nicknamed Xiaoyu, from Sichuan province in southwestern China, was so worried that it adversely affected her mental health and made her boyfriend’s life miserable, Yuenuu News reported.

Du and, a doctor at Fourth People’s Hospital in Chengdu State, was quoted by the edition as saying Xiaoyu’s concern began in his first year of university.

Xiaoyu and her boyfriend established a close relationship, but soon she felt uncomfortable and suppressed because she began to rely on her and always needed her.

Not only did she call her to tell her regularly where she was, she also wanted to respond to her messages all hours of day and night.

“He was expected to answer his messages immediately,” Du said.

In a video clip seen by the version, Xiaoyu is seen sending a message to his girlfriend regularly to turn on his Wechat camera. He does not answer but he phoned him anyway, something he ignores.

One day he phoned more than 100 times but did not receive it. He was so angry that he threw the household things and broke them around the house.

The boyfriend phoned the police, who arrived as soon as he threatened to jump from the balcony. Xiaoyu went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, known as “romantic brain”.

Du said that the condition could be accompanied by other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disease.

Du did not disclose the cause of Xiaoyu’s disease, but said it often happened to people who had no good relationship with their parents in childhood.

He said people with such a small situation, whose lives were not badly affected, could recover themselves by learning to control their emotions.

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