Serial City Robber Peter Waithaka Arrested By Government Operatives

Officers from Directorate of Criminal Investigations have have arrested serial armed robber responsible for the cold blooded murder of a Greek National on 15th October.

The 33-year old robber, Peter Waithaka believed to be the leader of a gang that has been terrorizing the residents of Nairobi.

Peter Waithaka is linked to daylight robberies with violence around Kilimani.

In a statement that has been published by DCI, the robber was arrested on Sunday evening, December 12, at Makongeni area.

The arrest was after a 48-hours well calculated move by the DCI sleuths.

Theft in Broad Daylight

According to the DCI, Waithata was responsible of killing a Greek National at Menelik/Ngong road.

In the October incident, the jailbird together with two accomplices on a numberless motorbike accosted Alex Marcopaulo, at the Menellik /Ngong road junction and violently took away a rucksack that he was carrying.

One of them then whipped out a pistol and shot Marcopaulo once on the right side of the chest, before taking off on a motorbike. Efforts by doctors at the Nairobi Women’s hospital to save the victim’s life were fruitless as he later succumbed to the gunshot injury,” read the DCI statement.

The thug was also involved in robbing Dutch tourists their phone after which they fired in air to scare the public.

In a separate incident on September 29, the armed thugs had accosted 4 Dutch tourists outside Silver Harbour apartment along Kindaruma road and violently robbed them of their mobile phones, cash and jewelries before escaping towards Ngong road on a motorbike, whose plate numbers were concealed.

As they made their escape, the thugs fired two shots in the air to scare off members of the public who had responded to the distress call by the besieged tourists.

The Dutch tourists were waiting to board a tour van to Nairobi National Park, when the thugs stuck in the 8am incident.”

Police have further launched operations to arrest other suspects that have been linked to daylight robberies in the area.

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