“Huyu ni wangu 😋,” Kenyan ladie go Gaga over Truck Driver seen cooking while on transit

A hand working truck driver has sparked emotions among Kenyans in social media, after a photo of preparing meal while on transit went viral.

The photo captured the driver, who was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, preparing meal in a modified Kitchen behind the Truck. The Kitchen was smartly fully packed with foodstuffs and other basic equipments like a gas cylinder.

The driver appeared to enjoy every bit of cooking, as the Fire Extinguisher cylinders stood beside him in case of an emergency.

IMG 20230816 105533 jpg "Huyu ni wangu 😋," Kenyan ladie go Gaga over Truck Driver seen cooking while on transit

While reacting to the photo, Kenyans praised the driver for displaying exceptional Kitchen skills. Kenyans ladies could not hide their admiration, with some going ahead to serenade him with sweet words.

“I wish he was mine, if he cooks like that that he knows how to cook in bed,” Anite Mukei commented.

“Niachieni Huyu 😋😋. Nikipata Huyu nitamramba Hadi masikio 🥰” ~ Shikoh

“Where can I get kama Huyu 😭🙆. Pure happiness 😊😋” ~Pet Nyambu

“Huyu hata kucheat hawezi..Nimekupenda bure.” ~ Lydia Koome

Other Kenyans expressed mixed reactions with some linking his move to tough economic times.

“Long distance truck drivers know how to jipanga well, infact that way it’s economical instead of going to the hotel also he’s protecting his truck he’s doing that for the sake of his family. May God bless him.”

“This guy spends 200/- per day and he saves 1800 daily. Akili mtu wangu 😁.”

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