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GICHUNGE KABURU: How I earned the first coin from facebook

Gichunge kaburu

Adding an extra coin in one’s pocket is the dream of many Kenyans. While this not easy, social media expert Gichunge Kaburu says, facebook has helped him meet some daily needs.

Here is his story on how he first made cash from facebook.

“The first cash I received from facebook caught me by surprise. All along I knew people earn from facebook but I did not know how.”

Gichunge says he got first ‘facebook money’ through the sale of a facebook page he had grown over time.

“So one evening one of my US-based follower called me. He wanted to know whether I would sell a facebook page I had grown over time. Well, I got a bit confused as I had grown so fond of the page. After a bit of soul-searching the need for money overpowered me. I resolved to sell the page at 2 shillings per follower. I got some good cash. Ever since I have never taken facebook lightly,” he said.


The social media experts say growing online presence is hard and easy in equal measure.

“I created my first blog during lock down period. Growing the audience was not an easy task. One need to know how to sail through facebook algorithm and adthere to its community standards. At one one point I had to make consultation from popular blogs like tuko, ghafla and mpasho. I must pass my regard to mpasho , they were so helful.”

Gichunge Kaburu has further added that passion is very vital when it comes to any hustle.

“One of my friends has me whether I would still be on social media if I didn’t get cash; the answer was yes. I believe that one of the very important aspect in any hustle is passion. This is what drives me. For instance I may wake up at the middle of the night to make assessment on my blogs.”

“I do a lot of research. Most of the times you will find me on my laptop or phone.”

Besides growing blogging, Gichunge Kaburu says he is hired to manage social media accounts.

“Some people approach me inquiring to know how to grow online presence. I do coach them. I also do social media management. People can easily reach out to me through 0702712579,” he said.

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