Gabon player Guelor Kanga to explain to CAF being born in 1990 despite mother dying in 1985

Gabon football player who claimed to be born in the year 1990 despite mother dying in 1985 has forced VAF to initiate fresh investigation over possible age manipulation.

Confederation of African Football (CAF), the body that oversees football activities in Africa, has bagan investigation over foul play in the age of the player who said that he was born in 1990.

Guelor Kanga Kaku claimed that he was born in 1990, but reliable reports have revealed that his mother died in 1985, this throwing his earlier claims into doubts.

Because of that, Kanga is under investigation for possible lying about his age. Despite claiming to be aged 32 years, his mother died 36 years earlier.

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The proffesional football player plays for Gabon National Team and Red Star Belgrade as a midfielder.

According to Guelor Kanga Kaku, he was born in 1990. After Kanga who claimed to be born from Congo played for Gabon, Congo football federation (FECOFA) launched legal battle again Gabon. This forced Kanga to appeal the case, confirming that he was indeed from Congo.

FECOFA believes that Kiaku Kiaku Kiangana, who was raised in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo , 5,1985 is Guelor Kanga, whose current passport indicates that he was born in Oyem in September 1, 1990.

Congolese believe that the Res Belgrade star made the new passport after he joined the Gabon football team. They claimed that if it is indeed true that his mother died in 1985, then it is not possible she woke up and gave birth to Zuelor Kanga.

If found guilty, Gabon football federation may find itself in troubles for faking the players travel documents and not following the due process as laid down by FIFA on his movement from Congo to Gabon.

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